A profile of Akemi Shibata

Quilt Designer

A profile of Akemi Shibata

Akemi Shibata keeps on creative activities for original design of patchwork, fabric dyeing and printing,and accesssories for quilt as one of the top of quilt designers in Japan, besides manages a quilt shop,the "AKEMI SHIBATA", Itami, Hyogo Prefecture Japan and runs patchwork school at 50 placesin the chief cities of Japan.  

An exhibition of her works, a workshop for diploma, a course of lecture, a display with exhibits on sale,and talk(chat) show are held many times every year at abroad as well as at home. 
Lately, gradually increasing offers from abroad, nevertheless she has a tight scedule, she is willing to undertaketheir requests if nothing comes up, and then she provides them satisfaction along their request. 

A good deal of magazines for patchwork written by her have been published in Japan, and also which weretranslated into Chinese, Thai and French have been issued with a good reputaion in these contries.

A patchwork adopted the tone of color based on her theme of "Elegant de Kawaii"(means Elegant with lovely) are popular amoung quilters all over the world.

She wishes all of people will enjoy a life in happiness through patchwork.

Akemi Shibata's principal books

"My patchwork by Akemi Shibata" Boutique-Sha, Inc.
"My happiness quilt by Akemi Shibata" Nihon Vogue-sha Co., Ltd.
"My quilt days" Patchwork Tsushin Co., Ltd.
"My best patchwork" Boutique-Sha, Inc.
"Elegnt and lovely patchwork" Boutique-Sha, Inc.